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YES! Magazine
Bainbridge Island, WA

YES! Magazine is an award-winning, ad-free, nonprofit publication that supports people’s active engagement in building a just and sustainable world.

YES! Magazine is a 501(c)3 organization.

Latest News

Sep 21, 2018

The current political landscape is inspiring more people from the U.S. and abroad to visit the sites where the civil rights movement made history.

Sep 20, 2018

In 1991, Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her and was vilified for her testimony. How might Christine Blasey Ford fare against Brett Kavanaugh in the age of #MeToo?

Sep 20, 2018

A brutal regime from across the Pacific Ocean ordered the assassination of two union activists in Seattle. Here’s the true story of how the killers—including the president of the Philippines—were made to answer for the murders.

Sep 19, 2018

Green growing things heal us in surprising ways. Communities are trying to bring plant life to areas that lack it.

Sep 19, 2018

Inspired by Ava DuVernay’s documentary ‘13th,’ and their own experiences, these women mentor youth to keep them out of the criminal justice system.

Sep 18, 2018

We evolved to be connected to nature and to one another, but our exploitative global economy is severing those relations.

Sep 17, 2018

These safe spaces offer fitness for people of color and queer folks, the big-bodied and fat-identified, the low-income and differently abled.

Sep 14, 2018

Because at this moment in time the power of Black athletes is overcoming the power of White billionaires.