makes you a better human.

(But only if you do something while you're here.) is a site for people who want to make a difference. Giving money is how we choose to make a difference. Tweets, posts, links, and protests are important, but so are donations. Talk is cheap; donating pays the bills, funds the activists, and keeps the lights on.

If you get this, and are giving money to nonprofits, you’ve just found a great way to make donating easier -- right here at If you’re not giving...well, maybe you should bookmark and come back later, once you figure things out. We’ll be here when you get back. lets you set up your giving budget (say, $50 a month) and split it up across as many nonprofits as you like, with no donation forms to fill out. One click to add or change your list any time. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it works great.

You create your budget up front, and can add recipients to your givvlist any time you want. You can change your list every month, or put it on autopilot and let it ride. You don't just react to fundraising requests, you budget your giving - decide how much you can afford to give each month, then adjust your list along the way.

This is how we should all do giving. It's better, easier, and smarter. It’s convenient and keeps you in control. If you’re currently giving money to nonprofits, is a better way to do it. Keep reading if you don’t believe it yet.

As you add recipients to your list, your giving budget stays the same, but the amount given to each recipient adjusts, to fit in your new recipient. [Watch a quick video.] Now you can say "yes" with reckless abandon, and it won't cost you any more than saying no.

If you decide to stop giving to someone, it's easy - just take them off your list. No calls or emails to suspend or stop your monthly pledge. Simple!

Less spam. Give in Small Amounts

Some people don't give because they don't want the hassle of filling out forms. Mostly they just don't want to get onto the fundraising list, and start getting the phone calls and e-mails.

Sometimes people want to give less than is practical on a credit card. solves both. The nonprofits don't get your name, or even your email address, when you use, and you can literally give a few pennies a month if you want to - no minimums. Give anonymously and in small amounts. Keep your privacy and your budget. costs less for everyone. is free to use, and we don't take any fees for ourselves from your donation. We use PayPal to process all the transactions, but we aggregate payments to reduce PayPal fees. We don’t charge the nonprofits anything, either.

When you aggregate your donations through, with other people, to the same nonprofits, the nonprofits pay up to 25% less in transaction fees compared to when you give directly through their web site, or through things like Network for Good or the United Way (Credit card companies charge fees to anyone -- including nonprofits -- who accept credit card payments online.) When you use, the nonprofit you support gets a much higher percentage of your donation, because it's lumped together with all others who donate monthly. The math here just works out. Once we figured out how to do this, we launched our site. Seriously, we hate fees like you do, and this is the way to make them shrink.

If you're giving a couple bucks a month to a nonprofit through their web site, they could be paying up to 10% in fees just to accept your donation! Think of how much of your donation isn't going to their mission. (This is why so many businesses have minimums for credit card transactions, like $8.) And don't even think about trying to microdonate $1 a month with a credit card - the fees will eat that up. Use instead.

Show others what you support.

You can make your givvlist public on, link it to Facebook and others can see who you give to (but not how much). You can also see who others are giving to, and get ideas about who you should be supporting. Giving is noble - it should be something you are proud of. Share your givvlist with the world!

Here's a 3-minute video: