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Water for All Nations
Jacksonville, FL

We believe that helping people meet their most basic material need is the first step in helping them escape from poverty, but it is not our end goal. Click below to learn more about our programs and why there is more to helping others than simply providing safe drinking water.

Clean Water Solutions
We show individual families how to drill and maintain their own shallow water wells – offering them safer water for drinking and basic household tasks than what they’re normally used to in many rural areas.

Our mission is to connect people to Christ through Biblical
discipleship & sustainable water solutions.

We believe sustainable poverty alleviation begins with helping people meet their material needs, but it must not end there. Relationships are the key to sustainability.

We base our strategy on three principles:

Biblical Discipleship
Poverty is more than just material needs. We want to help people around the world discover lasting hope and fulfilling lives through Christ-centered living. Jesus said, “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within.”

Clean Water
Clean water is in high demand and short supply around the world. It is the most basic material need and has the power to transform entire communities. We provide individual families in rural areas where clean water is in short supply with education and training to create their own clean water solutions.

Business Values
Business communities set the tone for development in pre-industrialized nations. Our staff establishes relationships with business leaders, helps them understand Biblical, Christ-centered business values, and promotes social responsibility through charity. In order for sustainable poverty alleviation to occur, the business community must help pave the way.

Our first village of focus is in Tanzania.

Water for All Nations is a 501(c)3 organization.