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Spirit of Life Fellowship Inc.,
NewYork, USA
Rev. Dr. S. Hannah Nesamani & Rev. S. Thambi SOLM Directors – Chennai, South India

Rev. Dr. S. Hannah Nesmani & husband Rev. S. Thambi are the Directors of Spirit of Life Mission – Chennai, South India. Their mission helps the poor throughout India with great impact upon the youth, women [including widows], children and among the dalits. They work among the leper colonies, provider leadership and job skills training to many. SOLM Chennai is the coordinating local office within India where umbrella ministries may receive prayer and attend local meetings. Certain business matters may also be funneled through Chennai to New York.

SOLM Chennai assists many orphaned children at Hannah’s Home.

Both are faithful, committed, loyal co-laborers with Spirit Of Life FellowshipTM USA and lovingly call upon the Bishop as “Mother”.

Spirit of Life Fellowship Inc., is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.