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Sea Shepherd

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

Sea Shepherd is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.

Latest News

Jul 15, 2016

Sea Shepherd Launches Campaign to Investigate Farmed Salmon Industry

Biologist Alexandra Morton, actor/activist Pamela Anderson and environmentalist David Suzuki to speak at press conference on July 18

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has teamed with renowned Canadian biologist Alexandra Morton and actor/activist Pamela Anderson for Operation Virus Hunter, a new campaign investigating the lawfulness of the salmon farming industry in British Columbia.

The announcement comes simultaneously as Sea Shepherd releases its latest Public Service Announcement about the dangers of consuming farmed salmon. The PSA features Anderson, a B.C., Canada native who is also the non-profit organization’s Chairman of the Board.

Morton, Anderson, and Canada’s premier environmentalist David Suzuki will be among those on hand to announce the campaign launch in a press conference at False Creek Harbor Authority on Monday July 18th at 1pm. (address and parking details below.)

Operation Virus Hunter, which begins this month in Vancouver, will see Morton travel aboard Sea Shepherd’s R/V Martin Sheen over the course of several weeks, tracing the major salmon migration route that stretches from mainland Vancouver to the north end of Vancouver Island.

Along the route, the Martin Sheen will be stopping at various salmon farms to conduct audits for disease and other factors, which will be done in a non-aggressive and non-harassing manner.

“The salmon farming industry thrives on secrecy, shrouding its activities from public view,” said Morton. “Operation Virus Hunter will shine a bright spotlight on this industry. Canada cannot claim it is protecting the oceans, including wild salmon, while at the same time, allowing the farmed salmon industry to release waste into the world’s largest salmon migration route.

Added Anderson: “Salmon farms keep pens in the ocean, where the fish swim in their own feces, and breed disease and sea lice that kill wild salmon, threatening the orcas’ ability to feed.”

In addition to Morton, Anderson, and Suzuki, Sea Shepherd Captain Oona Layolle and First Nations Leader Chief Ernie Crey will also be on hand at the July 18th press conference.

“Ninety-four Nations of the Fraser River view wild salmon as being essential to who they are, and they have worked to conserve those stocks for thousands of years,” said Crey. “The recent salmon declines are a threat to our existence and we hold salmon farms as one of the culprits. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans chooses foreign salmon famers over our title and rights again and again. We ask wild salmon be allowed to come and go to this river free from infection with farm salmon disease.”

Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson stated: “It is personally very satisfying to me to send one of our vessels to my home province of British Columbia, to address one of the most insidious threats to biodiversity on the West Coast - salmon farms. Our mission is to investigate, document and expose an industry that is spreading disease, parasites and destroying the natural habitat of our wild salmon - the coho, the sockeye and the chinook. These exotic Atlantic salmon simply do not belong in these waters.”

Jul 07, 2016

Mike Galesi and the Big G Charitable Foundation Issues Matching Gift Challenge to Sea Shepherd Supporters!

sea turtleTo honor Sea Shepherd's brave volunteers and campaigns, Mike Galesi and the Big G Charitable Foundation is issuing a challenge grant to Sea Shepherd supporters. The foundation will match donations to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society dollar-for-dollar, up to $30,000!

This generous donation comes at a very important time, as we urgently raise funds for our latest campaign, Operation Jairo II. This is our largest sea turtle defense campaign to date and we need your help to support our ground crew in three countries, to save endangered sea turtles. Help us save these amazing creatures that have called our oceans "home" since dinosaurs roamed the Earth over 500 million years ago. While humans are the biggest threat to sea turtles, we also hold the key to their survival. Donate Now >

Donate Now

How Operation Jairo II Will Make a Difference

In Florida, we will work to save turtles from light pollution that disorients the turtles away from the ocean, causing them to die from dehydration or to be killed by cars. In Costa Rica and Honduras, we will fight the many human-induced threats to sea turtles like pollution and poaching. In all locations, we will conduct beach clean-ups to protect the turtles. Our 2015 sea turtle campaign saved over 12,000 turtles and hatchlings! Learn More >

Your Gift Will Support Other Missions

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society continues to combat illegal fishing, over-fishing, whaling, sealing, dolphin killing, plastic pollution and preventing the destruction of coral reefs and other oceanic ecosystems. In addition to supporting Operation Jairo II, your gift will support other upcoming campaigns, including efforts to stop salmon farming, to protect the critically endangered vaquita porpoise and totoaba bass, combat ongoing efforts to oppose Orcas in captivity and so much more. Our Campaigns >

Donate and We'll Double Your Gift Today!

Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity to double your gift through our matching grant. We cannot save our oceans without you. Thank you in advance for making all Sea Shepherd campaigns possible. Double Your Gift >

For the Oceans,

Paul Watson

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and Executive Director
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

baby sea turtles marching to the sea

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sea turtle

sea turtle

Jul 07, 2016

Hollywood Stars Demand Costco Stop Its Purchase and Sale of Faroe Islands’ Salmon in Response to Horrific Slaughter of Pilot Whales

Costco WholesaleSea Shepherd Conservation Society is asking big-box retailer Costco to stop its purchase and sale of salmon exported from the Faroe Islands until the Faroes bring the brutal and archaic mass slaughter of pilot whales and other cetaceans, known as the “grindadráp” or “grind,” to a grinding halt.

Actors Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), Eric Balfour (Haven), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Ross McCall (24: Live Another Day), Cliff Simon (Stargate SG-1), Clive Standen (Vikings); actresses Shannen Doherty (Charmed and Beverly Hills, 90210), Perry Reeves (Entourage) and Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis have teamed with Sea Shepherd to send a letter to Costco CEO Craig Jelinek from the organization’s founder, Captain Paul Watson.

The letter comes on the heels of yesterday’s news that a pod of 30-50 pilot whales was slaughtered in the first grindadráp (grind) of the year, on the island of Viðoy in the Danish Faroe Islands archipelago. (See full story here.)

The letter to Jelinek expresses concern that chain-store giant Costco is selling salmon farmed in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago of 18 isles in the North Atlantic, where hundreds of wild, migrating cetaceans are slaughtered each year.

Describing this massacre of ocean wildlife, the letter states that “entire pods of pilot whales and dolphins are driven by hunting boats to the shallow waters along the Faroe Islands…. Those cetaceans who are not herded far enough into the shallows will have a gaff hook stabbed into their blowholes and will be pulled ashore the rest of the way by rope. The panicked and thrashing whales or dolphins are then slowly sawed into behind their blowholes with a special Faroese hunting knife and killed by the severing of their spinal cords, as each animal is brutally slaughtered before the eyes of their family members. No member of the pod is spared, not even pregnant females or juveniles.”

Though Faroese whalers claim that the grind brings a quick and humane death, some of these highly intelligent and socially complex marine mammals take as long as four minutes to die, as the steely waters of the Faroes run red with blood.

The letter to Jelinek continues, “As a large and respected member of the corporate retail community, Costco should not condone these acts of brutality by economically supporting the Faroese salmon fishery. Costco can apply economic pressure to end the atrocity known as the ‘grind,’ a whale hunt that should be deemed illegal by the anti-whaling EU but yet is supported by Denmark, a part of the EU. Mr. Jelinek, Costco, and you as its CEO, now have the opportunity to show your members and the international community that you represent a company of compassionate individuals who care about the fate of intelligent and sentient whales and dolphins as well as the oceanic eco-systems upon which they – and all life on Earth – depend for survival.”

PDFRead full letter here

The grind is an outdated practice as the Faroese people have one of the highest standards of living in all of Europe and access to the same foods found in grocery stores in Denmark. In addition, Faroese health officials have warned against consumption of the pilot whale meat, especially by children and pregnant women or women of childbearing age, because it is contaminated with neurotoxins such as mercury.

Though it is the slaughter of cetaceans by the Faroese that is opposed by Sea Shepherd, the organization is calling for a boycott of salmon exported from the Faroes until the senseless grind is permanently ended.

Said Watson of the Hollywood industry’s support: “These compassionate celebrities have offered their desperately needed voices to the pilot whales who were killed recently in the Faroe Islands and to those who are at risk each time they pass by Faroese shores. We must make it known that the blood of intelligent and social whales and dolphins stains every package of salmon from the Faroes. This archaic massacre of cetaceans, defended by the EU-member nation of Denmark, must be sunk economically. I encourage all concerned consumers to do their part by boycotting salmon from the Faroe Islands at Costco and wherever it is sold.”

Sea Shepherd urges supporters worldwide to contact Costco and ask the company to show that it does not support the slaughter of whales and dolphins by halting its purchase and sale of salmon exported from the Faroes.

Contact information for Costco is as follows:

Costco Wholesale Corporation
845 Lake Dr
Issaquah, Washington 98027
Seattle, WA 98124
Phone: (425) 313-8100
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

A link to a sample letter can be found herepdficon small and is shown below.

The appeal to boycott Costco comes just weeks after Sea Shepherd released a 22-minute documentary short on YouTube shot by McCall, chronicling his experience in the Faroe Islands, along with a companion essay he published in the Huffington Post.

Since 1983, Sea Shepherd has sent ten campaigns to the Faroes, saving hundreds of whales and dolphins while dealing with the arrest of Sea Shepherd volunteers and the seizure of the organization’s boats.

Faroese law states it is illegal to interrupt the killing and illegal to sight a pod of whales and not report it. To further protect their beloved Grind from outside interference, this year the Faroese enacted laws that prohibit Sea Shepherd crew from entering their waters and wearing Sea Shepherd shirts on land.

This year, in response, Sea Shepherd Global announced Operation Bloody Fjords, a new operation targeting the massacre of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

With years of footage of this bloodshed, Operation Bloody Fjords will include culling together decades’ worth of photographic and video evidence to target the Grind in legal, political, commercial and economic arenas. A full-length documentary feature will also be produced.



Costco Wholesale Corporation
845 Lake Dr
Issaquah, Washington 98027
Seattle, WA 98124
(425) 313-8100
[email protected] and [email protected]

Dear Mr. Jelinik:

I expect you are aware of the brutal pilot whale slaughter that goes on in the Faroe Islands, where Costco buys its salmon before selling it to consumers.

Mr. Jelinik, by purchasing Faroe Islands’ salmon, you are supporting the cruel massacre of Pilot Whales. Employees from Faroese salmon farms participate in the slaughter, known as ‘the grind,’ which wipes out entire family pods of whales. Some of the discarded whale meat may be even used to feed the salmon on these fish farms.

Stop selling Faroe Island salmon in Costco stores, Mr. Jelinik. Not only are you selling consumers fish that could be made from murdered whales, but you are actively funding a genocide of peaceful creatures whose capacity to think and feel quite possibly surpass that of humans, according to current research.

Mr. Jelinik, show your capacity to think and feel. Show that you have a backbone to stand up for the innocent who are being systematically wiped out by your business associates. Stop buying Faroese salmon to sell at Costco until these islands agree to finally end the brutality once and for all.


Your Name

Jul 06, 2016

Blood Spills on to the Shores of the Danish Faroe Islands in the First Pilot Whale Slaughter of the Year

A Faroese local grins while covered in the blood of the slaughtered pilot whales. Image via nordlysid.foA Faroese local grins while covered in the blood of the slaughtered pilot whales. Image via nordlysid.foToday, at approximately 1200 local time, a pod of 30-50 pilot whales was slaughtered in the first grindadráp (grind) of the year, on the island of Viðoy in the Danish Faroe Islands archipelago.

The ordeal began this morning when locals spotted a pod of between 100-150 pilot whales passing by Svínoy. Several boats then drove the pod of whales approximately 11 kilometres to Hvannasund, where the whales were forced to beach, and slaughtered by locals. Faroese media outlets have confirmed between 30-50 pilot whales have been killed.

“Is it exactly these kinds of atrocities that authorities in Denmark and the Faroe Islands are attempting to cover-up, by refusing Sea Shepherd crews entry to the archipelago,” said Sea Shepherd Operation Bloody Fjords Campaign Leader, Geert Vons. “And this is exactly the reason why we continue to push the increasing global momentum to end this bloody and brutal practice.”

In 2015, the international crew of the Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, was unlawfully denied entry to the Faroe Islands by Denmark. In 2016, a new law was passed in the Faroe Islands which requires that all Sea Shepherd volunteers must have a visa to enter the archipelago. As a result, Sea Shepherd has modified its tactics in the battle against the grindadráp. The organisation’s 2016 Pilot Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Bloody Fjords, sees Sea Shepherd take its battle against the grindadráp to the heart of the Faroese and Danish institutions that continue to promote this outdated practice.

Dead pilot whales line the killing beach of Hvannasund. Imagevianordlysid.foDead pilot whales line the killing beach of Hvannasund. Image via

The pilot whales were chased eleven kilometers before being killed. Imagevianordlysid.foThe pilot whales were chased eleven kilometers before being killed. Image via

Jun 29, 2016

Sea Shepherd Shuts Down Entire Illegal Driftnet Fleet

File: The Fu Yuan Yu 076. Photo: Tim WattersFile - The Fu Yuan Yu 076. Photo: Tim WattersLos Angeles, CA. -June 29, 2016, Operation Driftnet ­a campaign launched by Sea Shepherd Global to expose, confront and shut down illegal fishing operations on the world’s oceans - has successfully ended the operations of a fleet of six illegal fishing vessels.

Operation Driftnet, which launched in February 2016, aimed to locate the Chinese Fu Yuan Yu fleet, document and gather evidence of their illegal activity, disrupt their operations and confiscate their illegal driftnets.

Thanks to direct action by the crew aboard the STEVE IRWIN vessel, the Chinese government has temporarily suspended the fishing licenses of all of the vessels owned by the company, the Dong Xing Long Ocean Fishing Company. The six vessels of the FU YUAN YU fleet have been ordered to remain in port for an indefinite period. In addition, the captains of the fishing vessels have had their certification as Masters permanently revoked and each vessel has been fined the equivalent of $300,000 U.S. dollars.

In a letter dated June 24, 2016 to Sea Shepherd Global Director Captain Alex Cornelissen, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture communicated these results of their investigation. (Read the full letter below)

Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said, “This was a bold campaign led by a courageous Sea Shepherd captain and his crew. This intervention has removed six very destructive poaching ships from the Indian Ocean and has sent a strong message to Chinese flagged ships around the Globe that China is serious about international fisheries law and enforcement.”

The Operation took an urgent turn when Captain Sid Chakravarty and his STEVE IRWIN crew discovered, documented, exposed and pursued an illegally operating Chinese drift fleet in the Indian Ocean.

File - Fu Yuan Yu 076 cutting dangerously across the bow of the Steve Irwin. Photo: Tim WattersFile - Fu Yuan Yu 076 cutting dangerously across the bow of the Steve Irwin. Photo: Tim WattersSea Shepherd reported the activities and supplied evidence to the Peoples Republic of China. The pursuit began in the Indian Ocean and ended in Chinese waters. The Chinese Navy allowed the STEVE IRWIN to continue the pursuit through the South China Sea to the coast of China.

With the six ships in Chinese ports, the Chinese government took over the investigation. In response to Sea Shepherd’s initial discovery and documentation of the illegal use of driftnets (banned globally since 1992), the Chinese government ordered the six ships to return to Mainland China for investigation and inspection.

Once in port, the government investigation found that the FU YUAN YU 071, FU YUAN YU 073 and FU YUAN YU 076 did indeed engage in illegal activities by using driftnets in the Indian Ocean. The investigation into the other three vessels of the fleet is ongoing.

File - Crew of The MV Steve Irwin retrieve an illegal driftnet. Photo: Tim WattersFile - Crew of The MV Steve Irwin retrieve an illegal driftnet. Photo: Tim WattersCampaign leader, Captain Sid Chakravarty said, “These are severe penalties and the actions of the Chinese government clearly illustrate that they view fisheries crime very seriously. Sea Shepherd would like to thank the Chinese government for their cooperation with the investigation and we appreciate the recognition of the success by the government of China.”

Sea Shepherd has once again followed the template of coordinating international efforts to tackle international fisheries crimes and would like to credit the success of this campaign to the combined efforts of the Chinese government, INTERPOL, the crew of the STEVE IRWIN, Sea Shepherd Legal and Sea Shepherd Global.

Below is the email received from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture:

Dear Captain Alex Cornelissen,

First of all, on behalf of China fishery competent authority, I would like to express our sincerely appreciation for your and the Sea Shepherd Global's timely notification and constant attention regarding the case of illegal driftnet fishing by some Chinese fishing vessels in the southern Indian Ocean. We attached great importance to this case and immediately conducted a detailed and comprehensive investigation as soon as we received your email below. I wish to take this opportunity to inform you the investigation outcomes the actions we have taken as follows.

We ordered the fishing vessels concerned to come back its home port immediately to accept investigation and conducted a port inspection and checked carefully all the related documents on board the fishing vessels, including customs declaration, logbook, mate's receipt, cargo manifest, as well as all the information provided by your side, and talked face-to-face with some crew members of fishing vessels concerned, we also polled the VMS track record from our platform and showed that these vessels did not called at any other port during their return course to China. From all the evidence and information we collected we could finally draw the conclusion that three fishing vessels, namely Fu Yuan Yu 071,Fu Yuan Yu 073 and Fu Yuan Yu 076 did engage in such illegal fishing activities as driftnet fishing in the southern Indian Ocean, however, we didn't find any highly migratory species on board these fishing vessels.

According to Chinese Fisheries Law, we take the following punishment to these involved fishing vessels:

Firstly, temporarily suspend the fishing license for all the fishing vessels (not only the involved three fishing vessels) of the same company. Currently, the three fishing vessels are asked to stay in port for further rectification for an indefinite duration.

Secondly, permanently revoke the captain's certification of the three fishing vessels and imposed a penalty to each captain.

Thirdly, impose the maximum fine to each of the three fishing vessels, each equivalent to around 300 thousand US dollars.

We will also inform the results to relevant RFMOs if it is necessary.

I would like thank you for your assistance and cooperation on this case.

Best regards,

Liling ZHAO
Division of Deep sea Fishing,
Bureau of Fisheries,
Ministry of Agriculture, China.

Operation Driftnet
Visit our
Operation Driftnet
site for more information.

Jun 24, 2016

Actor/filmmaker Ross McCall Debuts Documentary About Pilot Whale Slaughter in Faroe Islands

Actor and activist Ross McCall on board Sea Shepherd’s MV Bridgitte Bardot, at the Faroe Islands in 2015Actor and activist Ross McCall on board Sea Shepherd’s MV Bridgitte Bardot, at the Faroe Islands in 2015Scottish actor Ross McCall released his 22-minute documentary short on YouTube this week chronicling his experience in the Faroe Islands.

The actor was on board the MV Bridgitte Bardot last year for Sea Shepherd’s 2015 Pilot Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Sleppid Grindini.

Every year, the Danish Faroe Islands partake in what is known as The Grindadrap. Locals in boats drive pods of pilot whales and dolphins on to their beaches where they are brutally slaughtered with retractable spears.

The Faroese insist the slaughter is a cultural tradition and affectionately refer to it as The Grind. This practice has been going on for hundreds of years on the Faroe Islands, wiping out entire family groups of dolphins and whales at one time. The Grindadrap literally translates to “the murder of whales.”

Sea Shepherd has been working to shut down The Grind in the Faroe Islands since 1983. McCall – known for such TV work as “White Collar,” “24: Live Another Day” and “Band of Brothers” - first joined Sea Shepherd on a mission to the Faroes in 2014. He travelled back a year later, cameras in tow. The result is a powerful 22-minute film, “The Grind of the Faroe Islands.”

In an essay published in the Huffington Post this week, McCall wrote about his time in the Faroe Islands and debuted his film on the world-renowned blogging site through an embedded link.

“Rape and pillage was once a tradition. Slavery too,” McCall wrote in his Huffington Post article. “We woke up, saw the light, and don’t do that in civilized society anymore. My fore-fathers would steal sheep, steal sail boats, and I’m sure, commit horrendous crimes that were once accepted in historical society. Things that still live on the memory, but are no longer practiced. My point was, we all change and adapt with the times.”

61 pilot whales were slaughtered at the Sandavágur killing beach in the Danish Faroe Isles. Photo: Mayk Wendt61 pilot whales were slaughtered at the Sandavágur killing beach in the Danish Faroe Isles. Photo: Mayk WendtSince 1983, Sea Shepherd has sent ten campaigns to the Faroes, saving hundreds of whales and dolphins while dealing with the arrest of Sea Shepherd volunteers and the seizure of the organization’s boats.

Faroese law states it is illegal to interrupt the killing and illegal to sight a pod of whales and not report it. To further protect their beloved Grind from outside interference, this year the Faroese enacted laws that prohibit Sea Shepherd crew from entering their waters and wearing Sea Shepherd shirts on land.

This week, in response, Sea Shepherd Global announced Operation Bloody Fjords, a new operation targeting the massacre of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

With years of footage of this bloodshed, Operation Bloody Fjords will include culling together decades worth of photographic and video evidence to target the Grind in legal, political, commercial and economic arenas. A full-length documentary feature will also be produced.

“The Grind has no place in the 21st Century,” said Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson. “Slaughter and cruelty based culture and tradition should no longer be tolerated….The Grind is ecologically destructive and offensively barbaric and Sea Shepherd is relentlessly dedicated to tossing this obscene tradition into the dustbin of history through education, direct action, economic pressure and legal challenges.”

Operation Sleppid Grindini
Visit our
Operation Sleppid Grindini
site for more information.

Jun 14, 2016

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Launches Environmental Law Enforcement Manual in Ecuador

En espanol

ManualTo commemorate World Environment Day last week, the Galapagos office of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society released a Manual on Environmental Law Enforcement in Ecuador.

The manual was produced with Fiscalia General del Estado, Ecuador’s top law enforcement authority, charged with prosecuting environmental crimes nationwide.

The manual addresses the legal framework applied to environmental crimes and includes a section on law enforcement in the natural protected areas of Galapagos that emphasizes on the protection of marine wildlife, including sharks.

The book was written by Ecuadorian and foreign experts, including Hugo Echeverria and Mario Pena. It is designed as a practical tool for the use of judicial officers charged with law enforcement powers.

The manual was launched on May 30, 2016 in Quito and on May 31, 2016 in Galapagos. It received wide attention by local (Galapagos) and national media.

Environmental law enforcement has greatly improved in Galapagos. Last year, a landmark verdict — the first in 17 years — was issued against shark poaching in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. This year, wildlife smuggling has been hit hard with guilty verdicts issued in cases regarding iguanas and sea cucumbers. In these cases, the intent of smuggling was frustrated by authorities and sanctioned with imprisonment, to nationals and foreigners likewise.

The manual is a product of Sea Shepherd’s Galapagos legal project, in execution since 2010.

pdficon smallDownload the Manual (in Spanish) PDF

Galapagos announcementPhoto: Mario Pena
QuitoPhoto: Mario Pena
QuitoPhoto: Mario Pena

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Publica Manual Sobre Derecho Penal Ambiental en Galápagos

La semana pasada Sea Shepherd Conservation Society publicó un Manual sobre derecho penal ambiental. Esta obra fue producida en cooperación con la Fiscalía General del Ecuador y analiza los delitos ambientales tipificados en el Código Orgánico Integral Penal del Ecuador.

La obra compendia lo más sustancial de la normativa penal ambiental y dedica un apéndice a la aplicación de la ley en las áreas naturales protegidas de Galápagos, que incluye referencias al régimen especial que aplica en las islas, por razones de conservación de la biodiversidad. En este marco, se hace énfasis en la protección penal de las especies marinas protegidas, particularmente los tiburones.

El Manual fue redactado por expertos ecuatorianos y extranjeros, incluyendo a Hugo Echeverría y Mario Pena. El manual contiene una perspectiva teórico- práctica y está disenado como material de consulta de los operadores de justicia que aplican la ley ambiental en el país y, particularmente, en Galápagos donde la justicia penal ambiental ha venido aplicándose en pro de la protección de las especies silvestres: el ano pasado, se dictó la primera sentencia condenatoria por captura ilícita de tiburón; y, este ano se han dictado sentencias condenatorias contra nacionales y extranjeros, en casos relativos a iguanas y pepinos de mar.

La obra fue presentada el 30 de mayo en Quito y el 31 de mayo de 2016 en Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, en conmemoración al día internacional del ambiente.

Esta obra es producto del proyecto derecho penal ambiental que Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ejecuta en Galápagos, desde el ano 2010.

pdficon smallEn este enlace puede descargar el PDF del Manual


Jun 08, 2016

Sea Shepherd Announces Operation Jairo II

baby sea turtle trying to make it to the seababy sea turtle trying to make it to the seaLOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 8, 2016: Today, on World Oceans Day, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is proud to announce its latest campaign to defend, conserve and protect our oceans.

The campaign, Operation Jairo II, will span three countries including the United States, Honduras and Costa Rica to protect endangered sea turtles. The launch comes on the heels of Sea Shepherd’s announcement of its first full-length feature film, Why Just One?, chronicling the organization’s successful 2015 Operation Jairo campaign.

The crowd-funded documentary Why Just One? raised its goal of $18,000 in one day to complete the production and has a star-studded list of names supporting it. Like its predecessor, Operation Jairo II is named after Jairo Mora Sandoval, a Costa Rican turtle defender who was brutally murdered on May 31, 2013 while attempting to protect leatherback turtle nests.

There are seven species of sea turtles in the world. Four have been identified as "endangered" or "critically endangered,” and two are classed as "vulnerable,” by the IUCN Red List of Endangered species. Sea turtles are some of the oldest living creatures, one of the few who’ve watched dinosaurs evolve and become extinct. They are now facing the same fate as their predecessors.

“This species which has survived so much, may not survive us,” commented Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is requesting donations to fund Operation Jairo II by asking fans to become monthly donors. To donate, visit

Baby sea turtles on their march to the sea

About Operation Jairo II

Operation Jairo II will launch in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on July 15 until September 1, with volunteers working to protect green, loggerhead, and leatherback sea turtles. Sea Shepherd will work with Sea Turtle Oversight Protection (S.T.O.P.) to protect sea turtle nests and guide hatchlings to the sea, away from the commercial lighting that disorients them.

The Honduras campaign will be held in Utila from August 1 to November 1, where Sea Shepherd volunteers will protect hawksbill, green, and loggerhead sea turtles. Partnering with Bay Island Conservation Association (B.I.C.A.), Sea Shepherd will protect nesting females and nests from poachers. The Honduran Navy will provide security for beach patrols.

From September 1 to December 1, Operation Jairo II will move to Costa Rica where ground campaign volunteers will work in Jaco to protect primarily olive ridley and green sea turtles. The Jaco police are teaming with Sea Shepherd volunteers to protect nesting females and nests from poachers. Nests will be relocated to a hatchery run by the Jaco police force.

Campaign volunteers will conduct weekly beach cleanups in all three locations.

Click here to volunteer for Operation Jairo II. Email the completed application to [email protected]

About Why Just One?

Why Just One? follows Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 2015 sea turtle defense campaign, Operation Jairo. It focuses specifically on the sea turtle defenders’ successes and struggles of the ground campaign in Costa Rica. There, locals turn to poaching eggs and killing turtles for meat as income, often to serve the black market. Why Just One? aims to increase international awareness of what is happening in Costa Rica and influence the government to take a more active role in protecting these creatures before it’s too late.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced last week that Hollywood supporters, Richard Dean Anderson and Holly Marie Combs came aboard as executive producers and associate producers, respectively, on the documentary. Anderson is best known for his roles on MacGyver and Stargate CG-1. Combs is familiar to audiences for her work on Charmed and Pretty Little Liars.

Produced, directed and edited by Michael Colin, Why Just One? is scheduled for release in July, 2016. To support this film, please visit

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