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Portland Taekwondo Family Foundation
Portland, Oregon

Since our inception, the Portland Family Taekwondo Foundation has awarded 58 scholarships to 18 low-income kids in East Portland. Thank you to all who have made our small Foundation a huge success in the lives of these families. We have seen amazing changes in our scholarship recipients during this time including improved grades, self esteem and social skills. "Taekwondo is (my son’s) everything right now… He has progressed so much, in so many ways because of this program. Taekwondo has helped him focus; learn to love himself (self respect) and also to work with others. This July he won a trophy for "Best Testing Student”. He was so proud. His hard work paid off and he saw that. He slept with his trophy for days and took it everywhere. He loves Taekwondo and I can’t see anything else that would benefit him and help with his disabilities as much as this does… I am at a very difficult spot right now. I can’t afford to proceed with Taekwondo financially.”
-Mother of recent scholarship applicant. Our scholarship families cannot afford to pay the $120 a month it costs for Taekwondo training. They are looking to our Foundation to help make Taekwondo and its benefits a reality for their children. Your support of a monthly donation, will make a tremendous difference in life of a child, their family and the community.
Please join us in our work to raise community leaders and role models by making the art of Taekwondo more accessible to low-income families.

Portland Taekwondo Family Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.