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Independent Institute
Oakland, CA
givvers: jason

“The program of The Independent Institute is excellent.”
—GARY S. BECKER, Nobel Laureate in Economic Science, University of Chicago

“I am very pleased to commend you for the program of The Independent Institute, one of the best known public policy research and educational organizations. I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the impressive professional contributions you have made in economics, government regulation, and many other areas.”

“The Independent Institute has a well-deserved reputation for rigorous analysis of critical public policy issues and for pointing the way toward reform in government. . . . I am happy to commend you for the clarity of your insights, not least those into the nature and blessings of economic freedom.”
—RONALD REAGAN, 40th President of the United States

Independent Institute is a 501(c)3 organization.

Latest News

Jan 16, 2018

By David T. Beito; As we mark Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday on Jan. 15, we should acknowledge the unsung contributions of earlier activists. Few deserve recognition more, or have received less, tha...

Jan 15, 2018

By George B. N. Ayittey; Hours before dawn on November 15, a convoy of military tanks rolled into the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe's capital of 1.6 million, ending the reign of Robert Mugabe. The 93-year-ol...

Jan 11, 2018

By K. Lloyd Billingsley; Everybody needs food, but the government does not require entrepreneurs to obtain a certificate of need before opening or expanding a grocery store. Everybody needs healthcare at one time...

Jan 11, 2018

By Adam Summers; Basic economics and logic teaches us that if you make something more costly to produce, less of it will be produced. But Democratic legislators in Sacramento seem to think that this simpl...

Jan 08, 2018

By Alvaro Vargas Llosa; Sebastian Pinera's triumph in Chile's recent elections would seem to confirm that Latin America is turning against statist left-wing populism. First, Argentina's...

Jan 08, 2018

By Ivan Eland; For all his revolutionary talk on the campaign trail, Donald Trump, as presidents have before him, has been co-opted by the U.S. foreign policy establishment to run pretty much the same n...

Jan 05, 2018

By William F. Shughart II, Kristian Fors; California drivers experienced sticker shock at the gas pump on Nov. 1. The state's gasoline tax rose by 12 cents per gallon that day, bringing the total to 39.8 cents. Along with th...

Jan 02, 2018

By John C. Goodman, Linda Gorman; You know you are in the silly season when the charges against sensible tax reform become more and more outrageous. The silliest and most outrageous is based on this causal reasoning: The ...