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WH Eddings Special Needs Training
Washington DC

“Not broken…Just Different!”
We believe, disabilities and disadvantages are only differences that deserve dedicated development.
W.H. Eddings Special Needs Training Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of individual, group and organization members who work to improve the lives of those with special needs by providing education, training and advocacy resources.
W.H. Eddings Special Needs Training Inc. began in 2009 as an informal network of individuals and groups of parents with special needs children. With a deep interest in community-based training, since then, our membership has expanded to include ‘ALL’ types of SPECIAL NEEDS populations.
Individuals and institutions whose primary need, interest and/or activity is overcoming special needs limitations are welcome to join. Our members include individuals, private, nonprofit, community, families and corporate partner organizations with related causes and missions.
W. H. Eddings members are as diverse as the people we and they serve. We work nationally building on collaborative and innovative approaches to enhancing inclusive outcomes.

WH Eddings Special Needs Training is a 501(c)3 organization.