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The first thing you pick for your list doesn't have to be your #1 cause of all-time. Just pick something you support -- anything. From there you can start your list and start adding all the other things you like.

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Having a list of 5 or 10 or more nonprofits really makes things start to sizzle. Ask yourself, "do I think this cause is worth supporting?" If so, go ahead and add it. Don't worry about dividing your donation, because dividing your donation is what this site is all about!

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One more thing...

Micro-donating on helps spread the costs and spread the good. Let's face it, you support a lot of things, but don't have time to check them all out and keep tabs on every single organization. Sites like Charity Navigator and Guidestar can help, but even then it's a lot of research. takes a different approach, by encouraging people to donate widely. By donating widely, you'll make sure you're doing the most good, and not have all your eggs in one nonprofit's basket. You can always drop things that you no longer support, and focus your efforts on the ones you like best.