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New Life Mercy Home
Port Dickson, Malaysia

New Life Mercy Home (NLMH) is a registered, non-governmental and non-profit social service organization, established in 2006, with sole objective of serving people in distress who are old folks, children and destitute

New Life Mercy Home humble beginnings trace back to 2006 when Dr.Kunalan began his work in a voluntary counseling and guidance centre, as a professional social worker, Malaysia.

NLMH extends help & succor and a new lease of life to nearly 100 unfortunate persons from new born babies, abandoned or orphaned to old dying destitute. The center provides individualized services, treatment, care, rehabilitation and education to those in distress. After 3 long years, the institution has grown from strength to strength and it now houses and cares for 50 residents. As of Jan 2008, the roll of its extended family includes the following

NLMH took an entry into the field of social service by extending information, guidance and counseling to economically weak and under privileged people. Primarily many people used to walk into the center to share their problems and also to seek guidance

Initially they need to be given a clear picture of their problem and make them understand what their potentialities in handling the problem are. Hence a clear understanding of their personality, ability and disability are very essential.

However all the decision is being taken by the person who seeks help and the role of the social worker or psychologist is to give them guidance and counseling. Sometimes for further management they are also being referred to :

  • Other NGOs
  • Mental health centers
  • Family courts
  • Training centers
  • Short stay homes in case of immediate need for shelter & care
  • Relatives are contacted/ restored back to families

The emphasis is on counseling as this is highly effective in problem identification and solving it in the initial stage itself. 60% of the people who seek counseling have shown remarkable changes in their life later on.

New Life Mercy Home is a 501(c)3 organization.