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Grace International
Carrefour, Haiti

Grace International, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3) organization registered in the State of Florida, with its main operations in the Island of Haiti for almost 40 years. Our mission is to RESCUE, RELIEVE, and RESTORE by providing health-care, education, spiritual guidance, feeding programs, and empowered living to those in need within our reach.

Operating since 1974, Grace International was founded by Bishop Joel and wife Doris Jeune, who together oversee and lead the organization in the roles of President and Vice President. For the past 30 years, Grace International has been impacting lives through the oversight and management of 270 churches, 65 schools, 3 orphanages, as well as a medical clinic, a hospital, a home for elderly widows.

Within these programs and facilities, Grace International also operates a feeding program, various learning centers as well as seasonal and annual conferences. The base of the organization’s work in Haiti is Grace Village, located in the county of Carrefour.

After the earthquake, over 25,000 people sought refuge at Grace Village, turning it into the second largest refugee camp in Port-au-Prince. Grace International is now working to resettle many of the people living in this camp, and create small communities that are models of holistic, sustainable and industrious living.

Grace International is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.