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Grace Church
Minooka, IL

As   a   result   of   a   union   with   Jesus   Christ,   all   believers   become   members   of   His   body,   the   church.   The   church   began   on   the   day   of   Pentecost   and   will   continue   its   distinct   purpose   until   the   rapture.   We   believe   that   the   church   exists   in   both   a   universal   aspect   as   the   body   of   Christ,   and   in   a   local   sense   in   individual   assemblies   of   believers.   The   Scriptures   command   the   local   church   to   gather   to   devote   themselves’   to   teaching   of   the   Word,   worship,   prayer,   fellowship,   serving   the   body   through   the   development  and  use  of  talents  and  gifts,  and  observance  of  two  ordinances.  These  two  ordinances  are   believer   baptism,   which   we   practice   by   immersion,   and   the   Lord’s   Supper,   which   we   believe   to   be   a   remembrance   of   Christ’s   death   and   is   open   to   all   believers.   We   believe   the   local   church   is   to   be   under   the  watch/care  of  elders  and  other  supportive  leadership;  its  members  are  to  work  together  in  love  and   unity,  intent  on  the  one  ultimate  purpose  of  glorifying  Christ.

Grace Church is a 501(c)3 organization.