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Globe Aware Youth Scholarship Fund
Dallas, TX

Every year thousands of volunteers work on development projects, experience foreign cultures, and represent America in dozens of developing nations worldwide. They are our Peace Corps, our international volunteers, our citizen diplomats, and research has shown that there is a severe lack of socioeconomic diversity among those fortunate enough to experience the world from this perspective. In other words, thousands of disadvantaged young people may never have an opportunity to experience life beyond their neighborhood, city, state, or country.

We all know that in a globalized world adaptability and knowledge of life beyond our shores gained through study/work abroad can be a valuable asset in getting jobs or entering university. As things stand, these young people are being left behind; doors forever closed to them. We also know through research done at the Brookings Institution that international volunteers are more likely to continue volunteer work when they return home. With this knowledge in mind, Globe Aware aims to empower disadvantaged youths with a greater understanding of our world and put them on a path to life-long service by providing scholarships to some of the best and brightest of these kids each year

Globe Aware Youth Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 organization.