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Bogotá D.C, Col

Prosurgir FOUNDATION is a nonprofit entity (ESAL), duly registered in the Bogota Chamber of Commerce under number S0022912 and Legal Status No. 0167 issued by the Mayor of Bogotá DC Working on the following objectives:

Promote the ability to organize and family integration, community and social.

To strengthen the decentralization of social services through community involvement.

Promote the creation of national and international social networks that strengthen local identity and improve the living conditions of the community.

• To provide social services in health, nutrition and promotion of rights with a democratic philosophy in disadvantaged communities.

Prosurgir FOUNDATION was born in 2004 in response to the needs of the local residents the site and its surroundings, an area south east of the city of Bogotá, where prevailing poverty and marginalization, a place where daily, street vendors, workers sex, displaced female heads of household and recyclers. On April 23, 2004 the idea takes shape and is registered on May 23 at chamber of commerce.

FUNDACIÓN PROSURGIR is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.